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Nick Roome


Nick is currently a Human Factor Engineer at Pacific Science & Engineering in San Diego California focused on developing innovative solutions that improve human performance in complex systems based on scientific principles and methods. Alongside colleague and friend, Blake Arnsdorff, Nick hosts and produces Human Factors Cast, a weekly podcast that investigates the sciences of human factors, psychology, engineering, biomechanics, industrial design, physiology and anthropometry and how it affects our interaction with technology. Nick’s other areas of interest include, but are not limited to virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, systems engineering, and artificially intelligent systems.

Blake Arnsdorff


Blake is currently a Human Factor Engineer at Pacific Science & Engineering in San Diego California focusing on bringing user-centered methods and design best practices to software systems of the United States Naval Fleet. He’s also a part-time teacher for Design Lab, where he helps people learn the methods and science behind user experience in order to transition from their current career into the field of user experience. Alongside colleague and friend, Nick Roome, Blake co-hosts Human Factors Cast a weekly podcast, featuring news stories each week that highlight the importance of human factors considerations in design, development, and implementation of emerging technologies. Blake’s other areas of interest include design and development of web applications, virtual reality experiences, and mobile applications.

Jeff Olson

Video/Photo Editor and YouTube Content Manager

With a background in research psychology, Jeff currently works out of Ramona, California as a Speech Therapist Assistant, helping kids and teens with social and language skills. As a self-taught video/photo editor, Jeff adapts and edits weekly Human Factors Cast episodes for Youtube. Additionally, he is currently seeking opportunities in creating interesting, entertaining, and easily digestible media.

Recurring Guests

Woodrow Gustafson

Senior Human Factors Engineer

Elyse Hallett

Human Factors Engineer

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